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The Chinese countryside is changing fast in some ways, and staying the same in others. We bring you a chance to see the older China. This is a world of rice paddies, bamboo forests, tea plantations, and small factories making everything from export tea to Chinese sorghum alcohol (bai jiu). Stay with familes and get to know the people of rural China, with local guides.

Chongqing City & Countryside - 14 days: Walking and mountain climbing tour through remote Chinese countryside.  Stay in peasant homes.  Wander through rice fields and tea terraces.  Shower while pigs watch.  Visit local temples.  Listen to old monks go on about their lives.  Tour pottery factories and tea processing plants.  Eat farm food that you help pick.  Get to know your hosts. Then, a four day climb up and down sacred Mt. Emei, one of China's four big Buddhist mountains. Awake to early-morning chanting.  Climb through a Chinese landscape painting complete with waterfalls.  Dip your feet in rocky rainforest rivers.  

Jiangxi Forests and Villages - 9 days: Visit the stockaded villages of Jiangxi, and walk through rice paddies and bamboo-covered mountains that were the hide-outs of the first Communist soldiers. Stay with village families. At the end, visit the bird-marshes and dikes of the Yangzte Flood plain. This trek shows you south and central China, both its history and its current reality.

Guizhou Miao & Han Villages

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