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jiangxi forests and Villages trek

9 days: Visit the stockaded villages of Jiangxi, and walk through rice paddies and bamboo-covered mountains that were the hide-outs of the first Communist soldiers. Stay with village families. At the end, visit the bird-marshes and dikes of the Yangzte Flood plain. This trek shows you south and central China, both its history and its current reality.

local restaurantDay 1:  Arrive in Nanchang and stay in the Galactic Peace International Hotel.  Take a walk through the city; see the old church which was the site of quite a missionary scandal, and eat the local specialties.

Day 2:  After a slow morning at the hotel, visit the Tengwang Pavillion, which originated in the Tang Dynasty. In the afternoon, drive to Gao'an and Wuxi Village.  Stay in this rice-farming village with your guide's aunt.

Day 3:  Hike up a bamboo mountain and down into a small old-fashioned village for lunch. Spend the night with a farming family further down the path.  

Day 4:  Return to Wuxi via the district seat, where you can visit the local market.  Then after lunch and rest in Wuxi, walk out along more rice paddies to another high hill.  Stay in a village up on the drying noodleshillside.  

Day 5:  Walk back to Wuxi via another route, and stay another night.  Tour old houses in the village.  
Day 6:  Travel to Xiantao, Hubei, by car and fast train.  Stay the night downtown, and visit the downtown shopping area.

Day 7: Spend the day touring Xiantao, a small farming town turned factory boomtown. This town holds remnants of past China that have all but disappeared from the big cities – basketmakers, clay pot makers, simple countryside pot and stove sellers. It also has a thriving Buddhist culture, and a newly remodeled temple. Have dinner with a local family.

Day 8:  Drive out to farmland on the Yangtze flood plain, and talk a walk through the filled marshes, which still host many kinds of birds.  Return to town for dinner with your guide's family on the outskirts, and then back to the hotel.

Day 9: Return home via Wuhan airport.