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Learn about traditional Tibetan folk religion and lifestyle through Mjera Mountaintime spent with isolated nomads.

For 2016 treks see our 2016 Group Long Trek Catalog. These treks combine parts of our Sacred Mountain Trek and Isolated Temples Trek.

17 days: Meet in Chengdu and travel to the high grasslands, horseback to an active traditional nunnery, then on to the base of Mt. Zhakra, where we soak in mineral hot springs, visit a sacred lake, hear old legends, and participate in ceremonies to honor the local gods.  Then immerse yourself in 3-day nomad tentstay, where you practice season-specific activities of nomad life including herding, milking, and butter-making or haying, stonework, and artisan skills.


Day 1: We meet in Chengdu and stay at the BuddhaZen Hotel near the Manjushri Temple.   This is a day to arrive, meet, rest, and visit the temple.  

Day 2:  Leave in the early morning for Lhagang.  10-12 hour car ride, through beautiful lowland bamboo-forested mountains and into the high Huangguan Mountains.   Family Guesthouse.Trekking

Day 3: Spend the day in Lhagang.  Tour the local monastery and Buddhist college, lunch, and generally acclimate.

Day 4: Meet Djarga and our other guides.  From there, ride horseback 3 hours to a nun's temple on the grassland, and stay the night with in the nunnery guesthouse.

Day 5: Rest, acclimate, explore the temple complex and surrounding areas, listen to the nuns chanting, visit with the family, and possibly see some dancing, or even a sky burial.

Day 6: Set out early on horseback.  Walk and ride all day across the grasslands over a high pass, withan incredible view of Mt. Zhakra (19,000 foot sacred peak), Hot springsand then drop down into the drainage and end up at a hot springs.   Set up camp for a few days, and eat. 

Day 7-8: Hang out at the hot springs with a white tent to house us and wonderful people to make fires and cook for us.  Take day hikes up small peaks.  Explore the area. Spend the evening with the guides, telling stories.

Day 9: Leave the hot springs at midday and head for a turquoise sacred lake below a glacier.  Ride/walk for about 4 hours, and camp in the low protected forest, with glacier views. 
Traditional Tibetan Food
Day 10:  Spend most of the day exploring the area around the lake and waterfall, and even climbing to Mt. Zhakra’s glacier for a Sang juniper burning ceremony if the weather permits. 

Day 11: Cross over a low pass back into the grasslands, and ride one very long day to the black tents far across the valley.  Meet the family, the yaks, and the dogs.

Days 12-13:  Spend these two days resting at the yak tents; observing the way of life; eating yogurt; trying to milk yaks, spin, weave, bring the cows home, and make fires with dung; and taking walks to see the birds, some mani stones, and possibly another temple. 

Day 14: Ride to Lhagang, and take a few hours to shop.  Ride in cars to the small metropoView during Treklis of Kangding.  Stay in a nice hotel with a wonderful hot shower.

Day 15: Stay this day and night in Kangding.  Shop and eat hotpot for a going away dinner.

Day 16: Return to Chengdu.  Enjoy civilization and modernity, or miss the highlands.

Day 17: Fly to home!