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isolated grassland temples trek

For 2016 treks see our 2016 Group Long Trek Catalog. The treks listed combine parts of our Sacred Mountain Trek and Isolated Temples Trek.

Temple in GrasslandsRide far into the high rolling grasslands, the nomad territory of Kham.  Visit isolated temples, attend Tulku lectures, and watch clan horse races.

16 days: Meet in Chengdu, and travel to the high grasslands. Ride horseback into little-visited nomad areas. Camp in nomad encampments on the way to temples and festivals. Stay for two days at each temple complex, and attend daily chanting and drumming ceremonies. Hear translated talks by local Tulkus.    


Day 1:  Meet in Chengdu – airport pickups, rest, meet the group.

Day 2:  Travel to Danba.  In Danba, stay in a countryside home, a classic Danba castle-like structure.
TempleDay 3:  Travel to Lhagang.  Here meet up with horses, and ride two hours to low winter pastures (where few people are this time of year). 

Day 4: Ride a long day across high grasslands to Genup Gompa, a beautiful grassland temple located on a ridgetop above a deep river valley.  Home to only about 20 monks, and far from a road, Genup Gompa has the feel of a traditional Tibetan grassland monastery.

Day 5: Spend the day at Genup Gompa, spending time with the monks and feeling the rhythmn of life there.  Experience monks chanting, horn blowing, and drum pounding.    

Day 6: Walk down into a low forested river valley, passing (and stopping at) ancient stone towers, and finally ending up at DornNga Gompa, a hidden forest temple.      

Day 7 :  Ride one long day, leaving in early morning, across grasslands to Balong Gompa, one of the largest grassland temples.  Situated just above the Nine Dragons River, we will be present for the summer chanting festival. 

Day 8:  Rest today at Balong.  Explore the temple and the area on your own.  Take time to listen and reflect.

TempleDay 9:  Leave early for Badi Gompa, riding across high wide grasslands, and, as we near the temple, seven deep holy lakes.   

Day 10:  Spend the day at the isolated Badi Gompa, a place where Padmasambava is said to have traveled.  In addition to the seven lakes, there are seven mountains, echoing the situation of the Buddha’s description of the structure of the earth itself.   

Day 11: Ride back across the high grasslands to Dashika, the summer home of the nomads with whom we will be traveling. 

Day 12:  Get to know the nomad lifestyle.  Try summer yogurt, milk tea, and willow cheese, and experience the yak-herding life.  Help bring in baby yaks.  Take a walk to see a large outcropping of slate, each piece of which has been intricately carved with prayers. 

Day 13 :  Return by horseback to Lhagang, on the way passing by the last temple you will see, Raleh Gompa.  After lunch and some time to shop in Lhagang, we will get into a car and return to civilization: Kangding, a half Chinese half Tibetan border town. 

Day 14 :  Spend the day in Kangding, shopping (with help) in the morning.  Kangding is a nice place to pick up Tibetan jewelry, teapots, religious items, paintings, rugs, and other items.  We can help you with shipping also, if need be!  In the late afternoon, we will go for a soak at the Two-WaysBridge Hotsprings before dinner.

MonksDay 15 :  Leave by car for Chengdu. 

Day 16 : 
Fly out.