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2017 Catalog Available Now!

2017 Short Riding and Trekking Catalog (up to 7 days)

Make your way into the furthest reaches
of the Tibetan grasslands,
sleeping by night in painted festival tents and
riding horseback through majestic peaks 
and across endless grasslands by day.


Our groups are small,
and we provide complete interpretation to help
you talk with your hosts,
to share stories and songs.


Add on a visit to
China's deep countryside.
 Take a walking treks
though rice paddies &
bamboo forested mountains.
  Stay with farming families.


Food is traditional
Tibetan, with influences
of Sichuan.


Our destinations are
chosen by our hosts,
and this means that
we take you to the
places that matter
most to them.


Treks & Tours:

Tibetan Grasslands

Chinese Countryside

Late night candlelit tent stories . . . Long horsebackrides over high wide grasslands . . . The hospitality of simple
countryside temples and farmhouses . . .













Where we work:

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Photos above left: Mt. Zhakra; Trekkers in the Grasslands;
Chyoger Treks founders Angela Lankford & Djarga Mira
Photos above right: Woman doing a Kora, Lhagang Town
Temple; Lhagang Grasslands; Ranlo & Droma, Trek Hosts &
Yak Hair Artisans