Khampa Nomad Arts Cooperative


high-quality arts

Handmade prayer wheelAmong the nomads, there have always been a few master artists – weavers, leatherworkers, jewelry-makers.  As in most areas of the world, these traditions are fading as modernity makes available cheap factory products, which replace the old arts.  It is partly a matter of taste and style, also.

The Khampa nomad situation, though, is special in the world today in that the decline of the arts is relatively recent.   Twenty years ago, everything was made by hand, in the old style.  Even now, many things are made by hand, though in most cases there is less emphasis placed on them, and the work is done in faster, less attentive ways.   However, the glory days of the arts are not forgotten, and there are still many aging people who are masterful artists.

Khampa Nomad Arts is working to find these people and to encourage them to teach the young, and the young to learn, these fine arts.   At the moment, we are focusing on fine yak-hair spinning and weaving, and natural dying.  The pieces produced are artistically designed and uniquely Tibetan.

We hope you enjoy your look.  As with all pieces shown, these are available to be made by a nomad artist and sent to you.   Please contact us for pricing and seasonal availability.