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Djarga Mira Djarga Mira is co-owner and our primary artisan organizer. Born in the Tagong (Lhagang) area, he has spent his life as a nomadic herder. This fact alone is almost enough to make him an expert in Khampa folk art – he has used and made these things from the time he was a small child. In addition to this, he has an eye for quality and high quality standards. His job for the Cooperative is to go to far off areas and locate artisans, to negotiate with them, help them understand market demands and interests, and create continuing relationships with them, to help them create work that meets the standards of the Cooperative.

Djarga was the source of the original idea for the Cooperative, which started with selling small saddle bags designed by him, Angela, and some friends. In addition to organizing and training artisans, he himself designs, weaves, and sews yak-hair and leather items, including large weavings, door hangings, yak decorations, saddle pads, and hand bags. 

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Angela Lankford Angela Lankford is owner of the overseas side of the Co-op, focusing on production and marketing. She researches markets and creates advertising. Angela is an American who has lived in China since 2001, teaching Environmental Studies and then moving on to live in Kham. She stays here because she loves the land and the people.

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Zhang Xiao Hong (Emma) is our cafe and arts store manager, and cook in Lhagang, Kham. She is a happy smiling face and has an amazing genius for food. She spent the winter in Thailand, learning local crafts of Chiang Mai.


Marty Caldwell (Angela's Mom). She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her garage is our American warehouse, and she also takes items to fairs around Colorado. She does bookkeeping and helps out with all kinds of US-side management!


Many thanks to all of our volunteers!
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